The compozers are a group of young four black British boys who believe music can be used to transform the lives of people around the globe. Music is a universal language. As #ThePoeple'sBand, they use their talents to reach out to those who are unreachable through the touch of their instruments. They have travelled the world doing what they do best, performing with various award winning artists such as Wizkid and Fuse ODG who have a. Through the production of their annual show 'A Night with the Compozers', the Compozers, truly "let the music do the talking". 



Nana Pokes


Nana 'Pokes' Ntorinkansah was born in Enfield north London where he began his love for music. From the age of four, he started playing drums and keyboard which led and grew to his love to music which spiked his love for the bass, in which we know him for today. 

Throughout his education he has been actively invovled with the craft of music, from playing the drums throughout his primary school life and in his church, where he has religiously been playing since he was around five years old. From playing in the school christmas plays to playing for singnig assemblies, Nana Pokes love for music grew and grew as the years went on, which made him want to learn and develop other instruments such as the keybard and bass.

Being in a musical and strong christian family, his involvement in the church has always been priority; and with the use of his ability to play various instruments became a key contribution to his development as a musician today. 

As a musician, it is always key to hold various musical influences, and Nana Pokes is none the less inspired and driven by a variety of different artists and entrepreneurs such as Snarky Puppy, Fifteen hundred or nothing, Kirk Franklin, Ron Kanole who have shaped and are continuously shaping his musical perspective today. 

He is the Co-CEO of a Entertainment company called Decadence Entertainment in which manages the Compozers which he began with his long time friend Brian Boateng because of their love for arts and performing arts this also contributed to the sole idea surrounding the development of a company such as Decadence. They developed this organisation during his time at university which was driven by his love for music and the entertainment industry.


David Melodee

David 'Melodee' Ohene-Akrasi was born in North London on the 19th October where he endured his love and his electrifying ear for the dynamic sounds of the keyboard and keytar which contribute to the collective authenticity of 'compozers'. Throughout his education, he always fond himself falling for music and the technical aspect which surrounds it, steaming from his love for gospel music through his involvement with his church. As his mother was in the church choir, he became exposed to the idea of music from a very young age, which led him to indulge in the drums. 

Throughout his primary school years, where they would frequently hold music lessons, is where David realized his talent and gift in which he has for music. From this original love and appreciation for the art, he became more and more involved within the music scene, were from the ages of eleven and twelve he became giging at various events where he wold interact with various other musicians through the enrollment of the music school which he was put in by his parents. 


As he grew older, and moved to secondary school, he developed the ear and eye for music through the use of Youtube, which taught him various skillful skills and runs, in which pushed him to go and join his mothers church band, where he resigns. When he hit the age of seventeen, he started gigging with the boys which lead to the formation of The Compozers.

With the assistance of his love for various artists such as Michael Jackson, and his ability to be so diverse within his music, with the ability to still appeal to a vast audience, his ability to captivate the audience with his talent inspires David to aim to achieve the same with the use of his instrument. 



Stephen 'Drummerboy' Asamoah-Duah was born on the 31st Decemeber to a Ghanaian family. He attended St Ignatius college where he obtained his GCSE's including a GCSE in music which was driven by he being awarded Young Drummer of the Year 2011. 

Stephen developed his love and  began to play the drums from the age of three, which grew and grew as the years progressed, which led to gain a GCSE in the craft. His love and ambition for business and entrepreneurship also pushed him to study Business in college to aid in his understanding and development of collaborating his passion and skill into a business.

Winning the young drummer of the year award really made a large impact on his life and drove him to truly pursue his love and passion for music. This allowed him to develop greater confidence in his ability to become one of the greatest musicians out there.

Through his active involvement with his local community, he became an ambassador to the Enfield Sounds Great charity which is run by Enfield council, which illustrates his love for not only music for himself, but his need to help the younger generation truly utilize their skills and persue their career like he did. 

Through his years drummers from gig to gig, performing in various churches is where he also developed the relationship in which he holds today within the musician industry. Here is where he came in contact with Charlie Biggz, Nana Pokes and David Melodee, which developed the group in which we know today. 

Charlie Biggz

Charlie 'Biggz' Mensah-Bonsu was born on the 6th July in North London where he attended and achieved the majority of his educational achievements. He began playing the keyboard from the age of thirteen in 2005, which was brought onto him from his father who wanted him to stay out of trouble and be proactive in his life by learning an instrument. With this, Charles used the keyboard as a 'safe place' in which he can go to and allow his creative mind to go wild. 

During his secondary school years, he would attend the music room during breaks and lunch times to go and record beats and tracks, which sparked his love for producing and production as a whole. As he went onto college, he began developing beats and track for various friends, which created a name for himself in the music industry.




Alongside producing tracks for various artists and friends, being a christian, he was also an active musician contributing to his church band which truly shaped him into the musician he is today, by developing his musical understand of the various dynamics of a band choir and the understanding of being under leadership and  the various perks which are attached with it.  

Charlie Biggz is seen to be one of exquist musicians out there as he has the ability to fuse the attributes of a singer and nicorporate harmonic characteristics to create voicings that replicate sound sand approach similar to one wo uses their voice. Carlie Biggz is what extraordinary looks like, which contributes to the key phenomena which makes up the Compozers today.